Mini Starbursts

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Get ready to dive into a sweet and colorful world as we embark on a journey through the best Mini Starburst products available on the market today! From bite-sized treats to delectable flavors, we’ve gathered the cream of the crop to help you make the perfect choice for your next sugar-filled adventure.

The Top 11 Best Mini Starbursts

  1. All Pink Starburst Fruit Chews Mini Bag — Strawberry Flavor — Indulge in the all-pink, juicy sweetness of Starburst Fruit Chews, a versatile and fun candy perfect for any occasion, while enjoying the delightful strawberry flavor with every bite!
  2. Starburst Mini Sours 8-Ounce Portable Packs (8 Per Case) — Get ready for a burst of fruity flavor with every bite — Starburst Mini Sours Stand Up Pouch, packed in 8-ounce grab-and-go bags, offers juicy, balanced flavors in a fun, shareable size!
  3. British Food Supplies Mini Starburst Treat Bag 125g — Incredible 125g bag of Starburst Minis by British Food Supplies, featuring a delightful mix of five classic fruit flavors, perfect for sharing or savoring throughout the day, especially during celebrations!
  4. Starburst FaveReds Mini Fruit Chews Share Size Pack — Delight in the miniature, unwrapped joy of Starburst FaveReds Fruit Chews, bursting with balanced flavors, a smooth texture, and endless fun.
  5. Starburst Minis Fave Reds Fruity Snacks Stand Up Pouch 8 oz (Case of 8) — Experience the thrill of sharing juicy, fruity Starburst Minis with friends and family, perfect for parties or a sweet snack on the go.
  6. Delicious Mini Starburst Fruit Chews — Discover the irresistible taste of Starburst Minis, offering a tempting blend of cherry, strawberry, orange, and lemon flavors packed in a refreshing and fun minis candy chew. Perfect for any occasion — share the joy!
  7. Minis Starburst Fruit Chews Collection — 24 pack, 1.85 oz — Mini Starburst Unwrapped — A Delicious, Refreshing, and Portable Chewy Fruit Snack Packed with Great-Tasting Flavors!
  8. Tasteful Starburst Mini Chews in Stand-Up Pouch — Experience the classic Starburst flavor in a new miniature, unwrapped form, perfect for snacking, decorating, and sharing at parties. Discover the balanced fruity goodness of the 8 Ounce Stand Up Pouch!
  9. Starburst Mini Fruit Chews: Delightfully Unwrapped Strawberry, Cherry, Orange, and Lemon Chews — Starburst Minis Fruit Chews are fun, unwrapped, fruit-flavored, mini candy chews with a soft texture, perfect for parties or sweet snacking.
  10. Starburst Mini Favereds Fruit Chews Candy 8 Oz Pack — Experience the vibrant flavors of mini Starburst Favereds Minis Fruit Chews Candy, perfect for sweet snacking, parties, or enjoying as a sweet after-dinner treat, with a soft, chewy texture and balanced flavors.
  11. Starburst Mini Fruit Chews — Original, Unwrapped! — Try Starburst Minis Unwrapped Original Chews for a colorful, balanced blend of flavors in each bite, with a fun, attractive packaging that’s perfect for sharing!

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All Pink Starburst Fruit Chews Mini Bag — Strawberry Flavor


Experience the bright, juicy flavors of Starburst with these irresistible All Pink Minis Fruit Chews. These candies, infused with sweet strawberry taste, come in a convenient grab n go size.

Perfect for sharing at parties, these resealable bags help keep the candies fresh and ready to enjoy. With a balance of flavors, each candy delivers a burst of delicious sweetness with every bite. Great for gifts or surprise treats, Starburst All Pink Fruit Chews are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Starburst Mini Sours 8-Ounce Portable Packs (8 Per Case)

These bite-sized Starburst candies are a delightful alternative to the original, perfect for snacking on the go. The fun stand-up pouch is easy to carry and resealable for extra convenience. The resealable bags make it easy to share with friends and family, and the bright colors and flavors are as appealing as the full-sized Starbursts we all know and love.

The mini versions are smaller, unwrapped, and can be a refreshing change from the usual. Even if they don’t have the exact same taste as the larger versions, they’re still a tasty treat. The stand-up pouch and resealable bags offer a practical solution to the convenience of a snack, making it perfect for parties, road trips, or even a quick snack at home.

British Food Supplies Mini Starburst Treat Bag 125g

Last week, I decided to treat myself to some classic candy and ended up with the Starburst Minis Original Sweets Treat Bag. It was a delightful surprise to find all the familiar flavors of strawberry, orange, lemon, lime, and blackcurrant in one treat bag. Each candy was incredibly chewy yet had a burst of fruity flavor that was hard to resist.

The best part was sharing these little delights with my family and friends during our weekend movie night. Although they are quite small, these Mini Starbursts are the perfect size for a quick snack or to share with others.

I highly recommend these Starburst Minis for any occasion where you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth with a burst of fruity flavor.

Starburst FaveReds Mini Fruit Chews Share Size Pack

These Starburst FaveReds Fruit Chews offer a delightful twist on the classic, full-sized candy you’ve come to love. Unlike the original versions with wrappers, these bite-sized chews are unwrapped and ready to enjoy right out of the bag. The smaller size and variety of fruit flavors make them a perfect option for sharing and snacking on-the-go, while the chewy texture and balanced flavors keep you coming back for more.

The packaging is resealable and convenient, ensuring no crumbs are left behind. Though some reviewers have found them to be a bit dryer in texture compared to the regular Starburst, these mini chews still deliver that familiar burst of fruity goodness in every bite.

Starburst Minis Fave Reds Fruity Snacks Stand Up Pouch 8 oz (Case of 8)

Experience a delightful burst of flavors with Starburst Minis Fave Reds Stand Up Pouch. This mini candy brings all the zest of your favorite reds, including strawberry, fruit punch, watermelon, and cherry. Each bag contains enough pieces to share with your loved ones, making it a fun treat for everyone. The soft, chewy texture adds to the overall enjoyment of these delicious fruit chews. However, be mindful of the packaging, as it might not be the best choice for travel or outdoor activities.

These Starburst Minis are a convenient on-the-go snack and a popular choice for parties. Their small size and resealable stand-up pouch make them perfect for sharing with friends and family. Just like the regular Starburst candies, these tasty treats offer balanced flavors that both kids and adults can enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a delicious snack or a fun activity for your next gathering, Starburst Minis Fave Reds Stand Up Pouch is a fantastic option.

Delicious Mini Starburst Fruit Chews


These delicious Starburst Mini candies are perfectly sized for snacking on the go or sharing with friends. Each chewy piece is packed with the flavors of strawberry, cherry, orange, and lemon, delivering a satisfying bite that’s hard to resist. With a balanced mix of fruity flavors, the taste of these candies is reminiscent of their original counterparts.

The unwrapped, miniature nature of these Starburst candies makes them perfect for parties or simply enjoying a sweet treat. As an added bonus, the sharing-sized package ensures that you always have enough to go around. While some may find the sugar content higher than ideal, the texture of these candies is soft and chewy, offering a satisfying snacking experience. Overall, these Starburst Minis are a delightful twist on a classic favorite, that’s sure to be appreciated by fruit-flavored candy enthusiasts.

Minis Starburst Fruit Chews Collection — 24 pack, 1.85 oz


I recently tried these Mini Starburst Fruit Chews and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed them! The smaller size made them easier to snack on, and the unwrapped packaging was perfect for grabbing one or two on the go. The individual packaging also made sharing with friends and family super easy.

One of the things that stood out to me was the variety of fruit flavors. These chews managed to perfectly capture the essence of strawberry, cherry, orange, and lemon. The balance between the sweet and tart flavors was spot on, making each chew a delightful burst of fruit in my mouth.

The chewy texture of these Mini Starburst Fruit Chews was also a nice touch. They were soft enough to be easily chewed, but had a satisfying resistance that kept me coming back for more. The candy itself was very fresh and had a great shelf life, which was important for me since I like to keep them in my bag for snacking throughout the day.

However, there was one downside to these Mini Starbursts. While I appreciated the individually wrapped pieces, I found that they were quite hard to open. It took a bit of effort to get the wrapper open, and I had to be careful not to tear the candy itself in the process. This could be a bit of a hassle for those who are in a hurry or need to open the package quickly.

Overall, I had a great experience with these Mini Starburst Fruit Chews. The balance of flavors, the chewy texture, and the convenience of the unwrapped packaging make them a great choice for anyone looking for a tasty and portable snack. Just remember to bring a pocket knife or some scissors to help you open them!

Tasteful Starburst Mini Chews in Stand-Up Pouch


I recently tried the Starburst Original Minis and had mixed feelings about them. On one hand, I loved the flavors — strawberry, cherry, orange, and lemon — all familiar favorites from the brand’s original fruit chews. The smaller size was perfect for snacking on the go or sharing at parties, and the dainty squares made them easy to enjoy without any fuss over wrappers. However, I did notice that the texture was slightly different, with a slightly drier and chewier consistency compared to the regular Starburst.

One of the highlights of the product was that it came unwrapped, which made it more convenient for snacking and decorating baked goods. The resealable pouch was a nice touch as well, ensuring the chews stayed fresh and ready to enjoy.

Overall, I enjoyed the mini Starburst, but I do hope they can work on the texture to make it more similar to the original. The convenience and flavors make it a great choice for snacking or decorating, but the drier texture might be a bit of a letdown for some.

Starburst Mini Fruit Chews: Delightfully Unwrapped Strawberry, Cherry, Orange, and Lemon Chews


I recently tried Starburst Minis Fruit Chews Candy for the first time and I must say, they are a delicious and fun alternative to the original Starburst candies. The size of them makes it so easy to snack on them throughout the day, and the individual packs are perfect for sharing with friends.

One of the things that stood out to me when trying these minis is that they come unwrapped, making them even more convenient for a quick snack! The flavors — strawberry, cherry, orange, and lemon — have always been a favorite of mine, and these mini versions provide just as much flavor as the original.

However, there is one drawback to these mini fruit chews — they have a very high sugar content, which can be a concern for those watching their sugar intake. But overall, I would definitely recommend Starburst Minis Fruit Chews Candy for anyone looking for a tasty, bite-sized treat to enjoy on the go!

Starburst Mini Favereds Fruit Chews Candy 8 Oz Pack


Oh, Starburst Favorites Minis! They are just like the classic Starburst candies, only smaller and unwrapped, making them perfect for parties or a fun snack anytime. The red flavors — juicy strawberry, fruit punch, refreshing watermelon, and cherry — blend together wonderfully in one pack. I love nibbling on these fruit-flavored, mini candy chews with their delightful soft, chewy texture. The convenience of having 8 individual 8-ounce bags in the package makes it even more attractive!

Overall, my experience with these Starburst Minis Fruit Chews Candy has been enjoyable, but I noticed a few things to consider. Sometimes, they can be a bit harder to chew than the regular Starburst, which might not be everyone’s preference. In addition, I’ve noticed that some of the flavors can be overpowering, making it hard to savor the full range of deliciousness. But, there’s no denying that they are fun and great for sharing with friends and family! It’s worth mentioning that the packaging is resealable and easy to transport, which I truly appreciate.

Starburst Mini Fruit Chews — Original, Unwrapped!


I discovered Starburst Original Minis recently, and boy, they have become a staple in my life! As a busy mom who’s always on the go, I love how convenient and mess-free this product is. Not only do I get to enjoy the same authentic flavors as the classic Starburst, but the minis offer a fun twist and add a new level of enjoyment.

The resealable bag is a thoughtful feature that ensures freshness and easy portability, making it my go-to snack both at home and on the run. These minis not only offer a softer, chewier texture, but they also eliminate the pesky problem of unwrapping the usual larger Starburst pieces.

However, there is one drawback — the absence of more flavor options aside from the classic ones. It would be great to see a wider variety of flavors available for these tasty minis.

Overall, I’m thrilled with the Starburst Original Minis and I’m sure they’ll become a pantry staple for many others who share my love for these juicy fruits.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our mini starburst buyer’s guide, designed to help you gain valuable insights into the mini starburst category without necessarily pointing you towards specific products or external resources.

Size and Quantity

One of the most important considerations when buying mini starbursts is the size and quantity included in the package. Mini starburst candies come in various sizes, from individual candies to multi-pack bags containing numerous candies. Depending on your needs, you may prefer a larger quantity for sharing or smaller quantities for personal use. Look for packages that meet your quantity needs without compromising on quality.

Flavors and Varieties

Mini starbursts come in a delightful range of flavors, which is another significant factor to consider. These popular candies are available in flavors like strawberry, lemon, orange, and grape. Some brands also offer unique flavors or combinations to cater to different tastes. Consider your personal preferences or those of the people you are buying for when selecting the flavors and varieties of mini starbursts.


The packaging of mini starbursts plays a crucial role in preserving their freshness and preventing contamination. Look for candies that are individually wrapped or packaged in a way that ensures their freshness throughout their shelf life. Additionally, consider the portability of the packaging if you plan on carrying the mini starbursts with you or giving them as gifts.

Price and Budget

Lastly, consider the price and your budget when purchasing mini starbursts. These candies come in a wide range of prices, from affordable options to higher-priced premium brands. Determine how much you are willing to spend and shop for the best value for your money. Don’t forget to factor in any additional costs, such as shipping or handling fees, before making your final decision.


What are the Mini Starburst candies?

Mini Starburst is a popular confectionary product known for its fruity flavors and creamy texture. These candies are smaller versions of the traditional Starburst chews, offering a bite-sized treat that delivers a burst of flavor in every mouthful. They are available in a range of flavors, including strawberry, orange, lemon, and cherry, making them a versatile and delightful option for candy lovers of all ages.

Made with high-quality ingredients and a unique combination of flavors, Mini Starburst candies have captured the attention of candy enthusiasts around the world. Each candy boasts a vibrant color and a chewy, delicious consistency, making them an ideal choice for snacking, gifting, or sharing with friends and family.

What makes Mini Starburst candies different?

Mini Starburst candies are unique in their ability to deliver a burst of fruity flavor with a soft, chewy texture. Unlike other traditional candies, Mini Starburst doesn’t require much effort to enjoy, as it dissolves quickly in the mouth. This makes them a perfect snack for those who prefer a quick, satisfying candy experience.

Additionally, Mini Starburst candies are available in a variety of flavors, giving candy enthusiasts the opportunity to explore and savor their favorite fruity tastes. The combination of a delicious flavor profile and a convenient snack size has made Mini Starburst candies a popular choice for people of all ages.

What are the different flavors available in Mini Starburst candies?

Mini Starburst candies come in a range of mouth-watering fruity flavors. Some of the most popular flavors include strawberry, orange, lemon, and cherry. These flavors are carefully crafted to provide a distinct taste and offer a variety of options for candy lovers to enjoy. Each flavor is designed to deliver a unique and pleasing taste experience, making it easy for candy enthusiasts to find their favorite among the Mini Starburst lineup.

Moreover, Mini Starburst candies have a vibrant and eye-catching appearance, which adds to their appeal. The candies are coated with a shiny, colorful outer layer that not only enhances their visual appeal but also helps to protect the chewy interior from melting quickly. This ensures that even in warmer temperatures, Mini Starburst candies maintain their delicious taste and enjoyable texture.

Can Mini Starburst candies be stored in a regular candy jar?

Yes, Mini Starburst candies can be stored in a regular candy jar. Although it is recommended to keep the candies in a cool, dry place, storing them in a candy jar with an airtight lid should help prevent the candies from becoming too soft or melting in warmer temperatures. It is also a good idea to add a layer of wax paper between each candy layer to avoid sticking and make it easier to remove the candies from the jar.

However, it is crucial to note that extreme temperatures, humidity, or changes in temperature should be avoided, as these elements may affect the texture and consistency of the Mini Starburst candies. Keeping the candies in a jar away from direct sunlight and at a moderate temperature will help maintain their quality and taste.

Are Mini Starburst candies a suitable snack option for people with allergies?

Mini Starburst candies are made with ingredients that are generally considered safe for people with allergies. However, it is essential to check the product label and ingredient list to confirm that you or the person you are concerned about do not have any allergies to the specific ingredients used in the Mini Starburst candies.

Also, in some cases, candies may be manufactured in facilities that also process other ingredients, which may pose a risk of cross-contamination. It is always a good idea to verify the product’s manufacturing details or consult the manufacturer directly if you have any doubts or concerns about potential allergens.

How many Mini Starburst candies can I expect in a standard pack?

The number of Mini Starburst candies in a standard pack may vary depending on the product or brand. Generally, you can expect to find a pack containing 12–16 individual candies. However, it is always a good idea to check the product packaging or label for specific details, as well as the number of servings per pack, to ensure that you get the most accurate information.

It is also essential to note that the size and weight of Mini Starburst candies may vary slightly depending on the specific product and flavor. This can affect the overall number of candies you get in a pack. Nevertheless, with a standard serving size of 4–5 candies, a pack containing 12–16 individual candies should provide a decent amount of Mini Starburst treats for snacking, sharing, or enjoying throughout the day.

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